Seniors are asked to lock themselves down and isolate themselves from family and friends as long as the pandemic lasts and seniors always obey the rules. How do we feel then when we see our elected officials jetting off to far away places with little or no regard for our safety and then have the temerity to send us pictures of their holiday?

We are seeing Hypocrisy performed at it’s highest level in this Country and there should be consequences — severe consequences. Some Provinces have taken harsh measures against those who do not obey the ban on travel while other Provinces seem to think this is just a dumb move on the part of those who should know better!

This scandal comes at a time when many small businesses are struggling to stay afloat and many are simply closing down forever. All Canadians are paying the price during this pandemic except, it seems, for the privileged few.

Seniors in Nursing Homes and Retirement Homes are constantly at risk simply because of the close proximity of living there. Personal care workers at these homes can also be the carriers of the virus and should be tested daily but there is the problem of a shortage of staff. They are also overworked and underpaid in a demanding workplace.

Our own Minister of Health has been flying around Canada while telling Canadians to stay locked in their homes. Many Canadians seniors have been travelling south to the warmer climes ignoring the ban on travel and complaining they have to be tested at the border on their return. How can one section of the population be told to ‘stay home’ while another section travels wherever they want with no consequences. There is definitely something wrong with this picture!

Why are we closing our borders with the U.S. while at the same time allowing flights from there and elsewhere to land in our Country? Is this our Government playing hopscotch and taking chances with an exploding new virus that has descended upon us?

Looking forward to 2021 we need to see a good dose of humility and intelligent thinking to deal with the coming nightmare. If we are going to do a lockdown then surely it has to be complete. We should ban international flights and if seniors want to travel South then they should have to stay there until the pandemic is over.

In the meantime I would like to send my good wishes to those who have maintained isolation and obeyed the rules. We are strong as a Nation because we are strong as a people.


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Dorothy Wilson

Fund raiser for Remember November 11th Association. Senior’s advocate and writer for a weekly Senior’s column in the St.Thomas Times-Journal.